Thursday, March 11, 2010

Report: Tebow scores low on internet IQ test.

While former Florida quarterback impressed evaluators with his on-field performances at the NFL combine last month, he only scored an 87 on an Internet IQ test he took on Facebook.

The IQ test consists of subtests measuring various qualities, such as factual knowledge, math short-term memory and abstract reasoning, visual-spatial abilities, and common sense.

Tebow was named a "word warrior" on his test, meaning he scored especially low on the math section and common sense subtests.

The score of 87 is archaically described as "dull normal." This can obviously be moved right over to Tim Tebow who's a devout christian and the carbon copy of the All-American.

These results actually say nothing about Tim Tebow's abilities as a football player and mean absolutely nothing. A little bit like most non-physical tests in the NFL combine.

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