About the person who writes this.

This will be in the first person singular, mostly.

I am a writer. Or I want to be a writer. Let's just say that I write. What do I write about? Let me answer that unasked question. I write primarily about sports. The things I write are my own opinions but I write them like they're news stories, because that's funny. It also allows me to make false statements that are kind of all-encompassing and seem like facts when they're not (I can also pretend that by doing this I'm posing existential questions like "what is a fact?" and "is there any truth?" when actually I'm usually just making genitalia jokes). It's funny... right? I won't pretend that this is something I've come up with, I'm just copying sites like the onion and sportspickle. They're also funnier and less personal. So check those out if you haven't heard of them.

That's about me. I guess.