Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chicago Bulls trade for Andrew Bynum, pulverize his knees into meat for tacos.

The Chicago Bulls have revealed that the orginazation did not trade for Andrew Bynum for cap relief purposes but rather for his bum knees.

The Bulls held a press conference where a spokesperson told the media that they intended to shoot Bynum behind a barn and pulverize his knees into Tacos for Taco fan night, brought to you by Taco Bell. Chicago's astute medical team said that Bynum's knees could not be used for anything else.

Bynum‘s representives could not be reached to comment on the press conference but we all assume that the 7 foot center is scared, running awkwardly in the woods away from farmers with shotguns.

Taco Bell reportedly does not mind as they already use human knees in their Taco meat.