Monday, January 20, 2014

Kobe Braynt reveals anti-aging medicine, reverses aging process

Kobe Bryant has successfully reversed his aging, allowing him to play at least another 18 years in the league.

The 35 year old future hall of famer has suffered injuries recently and seemed to finally have succumbed to father time, who has remained undefeated. Just recently the Lakers superstar revealed a new discovery: an anti aging medicine that can reverse his aging.

The medicine was developed in underground facilities in Germany by black elves and their servants who are sentient tree folk.

Bryants body will therefore become 34 next year and the shooting guard will become a Benjamin Button character. Father Time was unavailable for comment but his office left a statement saying that eventually Kobe Bryant will die, even if Father Time will have to drive him over in his Oldsmobile.

Kobe, however, is delighted and reportedly will enter the dunk contest in eight years, once his legs have regained their spring.