Tuesday, February 9, 2010

David Stern jokingly names Tracy McGrady as All-Star replacement for Kobe Bryant.

David Stern held a mock press conference to name Tracy McGrady as a reserve for the potentially sidelined Kobe Bryant.
Kobe Bryant has not taken part in the last two games for the L.A Lakers. The former MVP is ravaged with injuries, his back has been stiff, he injured a finger a few months ago and just recently he rolled his ankle. There has been speculation that he might not participate in the All-Star game even though he was voted in by the fans.
Tracy McGrady has played in 6 games this season. He has spent the majority of the season sidelined due to a surgery that took place this off-season. He then played those 6 games in a limited role and was benched indefinitely after he complained of a lack of minutes.
Stern held the press conference with McGrady present. All parties, except for McGrady, knew that it was joke. Stern took his place in front of the press with a shit eating grin on his face, just barely holding in his laughter, "Kobe Bryant has chosen to withdraw from this year's all-star festivities." A member of the press almost broke out in laughter as Stern tried to get through the lie, "seriously dude, seriously... oh God." McGrady looked a bit perplexed but not too bothered by the charade.
Stern went on, "and I have named Tracy McGrady as a replacement." Tracy stepped up to the podium and acted as if he was about to say something, Stern then swiped the microphone away from him and yelled: "psyche!" The press exploded in raucous laughter and Stern keeled over with streams of tears rolling down his cheeks. McGrady just stood there and muttered, "dudes, what the fuck?"