Friday, January 29, 2010

Breaking news: having actual All-Star caliber players with Lebron James will get Cavaliers second player on All-Star team.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers did not get a second player on the All-Star team this year despite having the best record in the league. They have one win more than the L.A Lakers who have two players in the contest: top 25 player of All-Time Kobe Bryant and legitimate All-Star Pau Gasol.
Mike Brown said that he did know what it would take for the Cavaliers to get a second player on the All-Star team, after all they have the best record in the league.
David Stern put out a statement on the matter, "the Cleveland Cavaliers will get a second player on the All-Star team when they get a second All-Star." That was it.
Enciphering Mr. Stern's statement it seems that he does not believe that Mo Williams, the Cavaliers second leading scorer at 17 points per game, is an actual All-Star.
Last season Williams was a part of the All-Star game when the Cavaliers were far ahead of the rest of the NBA as far win totals went. He was the second substitute selected into last season's game. Jameer Nelson was firstly replaced with Ray Allen and then Chris Bosh was replaced with the aforementioned Williams.
Cleveland fans will feel snubbed by only having Lebron James in this years festivities but as one of David Stern's personal assistants said to reporters after Mr. Stern's statement had been issued: "maybe the Cavaliers should try and get a second All-Star before they cry about not having two players in the All-Star game. Wussies."