Monday, January 25, 2010

Superbowl 45 is a unique spectacle.

Both teams are undefeated. One will remain so, the other will succumb to 18-1. That 18-1 is previously the best record ever in the NFL and playoffs. That is if you don't count that Dolphins team that uncorks some champagne every year. Let's just go ahead and do that.
This will be a different 18-1 than what the Patriots felt. This time the other team will go 19-0. Those Dolphins can take that cork and shove up it up their... you get the picture.
If you lose to a team that's undefeated you'll feel bad. It won't make that sting you feel once that horn sounds any less painful. But once you get things into perspective it won't be the worst loss you'll have felt. It won't be a choke job. You simply lost to the best team. The best team of all time.
... Oh wait, both teams lost games down the stretch in the regular season. The Colts rested Peyton Manning, they made a conscious decision to lose. The Saints decided to not be good anymore. My bad, discount all the whole post.