Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shaq calls out superstars who have lost their hops for Dunk Contest.

Cleveland Cavaliers center Shaquille O'neal has suggested that his teammate Lebron James should enter into a dunk competition with Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter, with the proceeds going to Haiti.
Kobe Bryant is battling injuries to his right index finger and back, Vince Carter has been battling ankle and shoulder injuries this season. Both players are in their 30's.
Other outlets have suggested that Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins should also enter this competition. Maybe Dr.J and David Thompson should come out too. Spud Webb should only be about 40-something now.
Bryant has changed his game completely this season to accommodate his waning athleticism, now relying primarily on post moves and mid-range jumpers as apposed to mid-are aerobatics.
According to most sources Vince Carter just sucks now.

(picture taken approximately 18 years ago when Vince Carter still attacked the basket)