Saturday, January 16, 2010

New FA Ruling: Alex Ferguson can do and say whatever he wants

The Football Association has made a new ruling as they explained in a recent statement.
"Sir Alex Ferguson can now say and do whatever he wants about anything containing to the FA, its referees or estranged infants for that matter."
Ferguson has been very vocal about referees this season, he complained that Alan Wiley was out of shape and also said that Mark Clattenburg was "weird and wonderful" and that his added on time of 5 mintues in Manchester United's loss against Leeds was "an insult to the game." He was of course not reprimanded for the latter comments.
In response to the FA's statement Ferguson held a press conference where he peed on Liverpool's flag, hit on a 15 year old boy and systematically made lewd comments about all wives of referees in England.

The FA later applauded this.

In other news, Liverpool manager, Rafael Benitez has developed an addiction to heroin.