Friday, January 1, 2010

Iverson, McGrady and wet dog among leaders in All-Star voting.

In a bizarre twist the three of the top All-Star vote getters aren't worthy of their respective bids.
Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson and the Houston Rockets' Tracy McGrady have not done a whole lot to deserve to play in the NBA all-star game. On the other hand a wet dog named Barney is in the running for a roster spot on the east coast team. He has played in 6 games less than McGrady this season.  The wet dog has also been a better influence on all 30 of the NBA's franchises than both McGrady and Iverson who have feuded with their respected coaches over playing time, Iverson when with the Memphis Grizzlies and McGrady who recently demanded more playing time after coming back from massive surgery on his 31 year old legs.
Iverson demanded to be let go from the Grizzlies and it seems as if McGrady will try to swing a trade so he can be let go from the Rockets and inflate his market value as he approaches the end of his gigantic contract.
McGrady leads the great Steve Nash for a guard spot in the west. Nash is an MVP candidate, averaging a double double with 18.4 points and 11.2 assists per game. He also has the upstart Phoenix Suns playing for the second spot in the West.
The wet dog has not been in an NBA locker room. But at the same time he has not made a sound over his playing time whatsoever... not a bark.