Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dreams of Sugar Eating.

Dreams are something. They provide a stream of non-challenged thoughts. That's my take on dreams (especially the "dreams are something" parts, that's the sort of analysis I'm shocked I don't get paid for). Last night I dreamed the classic "a part of my tooth broke of" thing and the slightly less classic "a fat girl eats a bowl of sugar at a party" bit. The latter thing was extremely odd, even during the dream. Especially since she placed the bowl of sugar on a radiator ledge (there was a piece of wood on top of a radiator making a makeshift shelf). Why would anybody do that? Why would I think of this at any point? Has anybody had a similar dream? I don't know, I don't know and probably would be my hypothetical answers to those rhetorical questions.

There is a connection between these two dreams (they were separate but I had them the same night). Sugar makes your teeth rot.

There are those who believe that dreams are some sort of mirror of the soul. However impossible it is to a) define dreams and b) define "soul." Unless they mean that dreams are a mirror of soul music for some reason, that might make more sense than the literal translation of the cliched phrase - mirror of the soul. Curtis Mayfield might agree. If dreams are said mirror then my soul is apparently very concerned with my dental hygiene and wishes more fat chicks would eat bowls of sugar on radiator shelves. Let's be honest, who doesn't?