Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mike Bibby will miss up to 3 weeks due to being deceased

New York Knicks point guard Mike Bibby is set to miss up to 3 weeks of action due to a lack of pulse and heartbeat in his body. He has averaged 3.6 points per game while seeing about 19 minutes of action so far this season.

Bibby, who has been playing with the ailment for the whole season, was picked up by coach Mike D'antoni on the side of the New Jersey turnpike after being tossed out from the Miami Heat team bus after the NBA finals.

Bibby's condition is, for now, being referred to as "roadkill." But Knicks fans are surely anxious to avoid seeing the 33 year old guard decomposing on the Madison Square Garden floor.

"He really stunk up the locker room." Forward Amare Stoudamire commented. "I think I found his finger in the shower once. It was disgusting."