Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cook defends backstabbing Mark Hughes, says they were trying to do that much sooner anyway.

"We have been trying to stab Mark in the back since this summer." Garry Cook, Manchester City's executive chairman, said in a press conference revealing new Man City manager Robert Mancini. "I'm just really sorry it had to drag out like this." Cook added shortly.
City manager Mark Hughes was fired after a thrilling 4-3 win over Sunderland this Sunday. "We won?" Cook asked surprised, "oh, well we kind of had decided that we would lose this game but yeah, that does seem weird doesn't it?" Cook said of firing a manager after winning a game.
The move apparently represents a search for a new manager that has gone since the summer. "Oh, we've talked to everybody and I mean EVERYBODY at one point we even tried to get Rafael Benitez!" The press, Cook and Mancini had a good laugh about that - Mancini can't understand English very well. "I only hear Benitez and I laugh. Not good coach." Mancini said in broken English as he wiped laughter tears off his cheeks.
Robert Mancini ended his illustrious playing career with Leicester City when he played in 5 matches for them in 2001. He also managed an Inter Milan side which seemingly won 19 Serie A titles in a row. "That is not big accomplishment. We had best football players and everybody else suck," Mancini tried to play down his management of Inter Milan. "I mean we had best team by far. I hardly coach them!" He gave a hearty laugh again, but this time Cook did not laugh but looked as if he had realized a fatal mistake. The press conference was ended.
There have been reports of Manchester City now looking for another manager, names such as Graeme Sounness, Paul Ince and my deceased grandfather have been thrown around.