Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lebron scores after moving without ball (report)

An amazing and groundbreaking moment in NBA history took place in Cleveland's victory over the Philadelphia 76ers on the 16th of December. Lebron James moved without the ball in set, half-court offense, got a screen while not handling the ball then received a pass and scored. This marks the first time this has ever happened in Lebron's career. "Honestly, I don't know what happened. I kind of blacked out for a couple seconds and I had the ball right by the basket. I was open so I shot it," Lebron said of the play after the game. Coach Mike Brown fainted as he saw the play unfold and was later seen on his knees praying to God. "I thought that would never happen. I had resigned myself to having all of our half court sets end up with Lebron standing 30 feet away from the basket, trying to make something happen with the basketball."
Lebron doesn't think this will change the way the Cavaliers play offense, "I think I'm going to continue just getting the ball as far away from the basket as I am legally allowed to, then proceeding to run past defenders and making plays. I don't like this off the ball stuff."
When asked whether it would make his life as a basketball player easier to just get screens and get into position closer to the basket Lebron said that he doesn't care and that his game is based solely on him getting touches 30 or more feet away from the basket. "That's what I practice and that's what I'll do in games" the superstar said to reporters. Mike Brown consequently developed an addiction to heroin.