Thursday, December 3, 2009

League makes it official: nothing Ron Artest does is surprising anymore.

Following an interview with Sporting News where Ron Artest admitted that he drank before and during games with the Chicago Bulls, the NBA has published a list of players names that can now do anything possible and it would not be surprising. The list has one name on it.
David Stern appeared on an early morning radio show following the list's publication and answered some questions. "We felt it was necessary to make that divide between players who are figuratively crazy and those who are literally crazy palpable," Stern said when asked why the league published this completely unnecessary list. He also said that the committee which put the list together considered putting the things Ron Artest is capable of doing on the list as well. "There just wasn't any space." That list, Stern told the radio hosts on Andy and Andy, contained things like: shooting up with heroin on the bench, bringing a loaded gun onto an NBA court and becoming an astronaut. Apparently none of those things would surprise the league according to its commissioner David Stern.