Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sol Campbell not counting chickens (confirmed)

In a phone interview with ESPN soccernet former England defender Sol Campbell officially confirmed that he is indeed not counting any chickens.
There has obviously been much speculation on Campbell's acts as he has been training with Arsenal and the editorial crew at That's a Lot of Balls presumed that he was counting chickens. Those presumptions have been rebuffed as of now.
The premier league star signed for his old England boss, Sven Göran Erikson at Notts County (which we have confirmed does exist as a football club and is not a tax evasion ploy) this summer but left soon thereafter. There has been much speculation of his next move.
In this same phone interview with ESPN Soccernet he said something about possibly joining Manchester United, the official quote is "bla bla bla I am not counting any chickens, Manchester United, bla bla bla." The chicken part is obviously the most interesting bit in that rhetoric.

(That's a lot of balls would like to congratulate Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United fans if Sol Campbell does sign with the team. Now that you have Michael Owen and Sol Campbell you just have to sign somebody from the Leeds team that you hated so much and you'll have a burnout from all of your prime competitors... oh, wait Alan Smith already played for you guys. My bad.)