Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bobcats - Nets, match-up for the ages.

Two of the NBA's most exciting teams met in a barnburner last night. The Charlotte Bobcats beat the New Jersey Nets and the score at halftime was 79-68. No, wait, that's how the game ended, my bad. These are two of the NBA's most prestigious franchises. In fact, the Bobcats are the only team the Nets have a winning record against.

Such players as Jason Kidd and Zombie Vince Carter have played for the Nets. The Bobcats roster has contained well known names like Stephen and Raymond. I thought for a minute while watching the game that the Bobcats had put a shirt on one of the commercial blimps often found in the rafters of arenas, but that turned out to be Boris Diaw. It should also be noted that Chris Douglas-Roberts plays for the Nets but he's the illegitimate love child of actors Michael Douglas and Eric Roberts.

Chris Douglas-Roberts. Not pictured: fathers Micheal and Eric.

As the teams staged a furious shootout with percentages unheard of in the NBA -the Nets shot a blistering 37% from the field and 3-10 from deep while the Bobcats kept pace with 32% from the field and an amazing 3 point percentage of 7- team coaches Lawrence Frank and Larry Brown respectively hung themselves.
Fans are sure to hope that these sort of games will continue to be scheduled and the host of empty seats in the Bobcats arena are sure to fill up once news of this classic match-up gets around.