Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lebron, man genius

"If I put all my time and commitment into it, if I dedicated myself to accounting, I could be really good," the Cleveland Cavaliers forward said as he sat in the Cleveland locker room, swamped by reporters.
When asked whether he would have skipped college and went straight to the pro's for accounting as well Lebron James had no doubts, "you know it baby. I'm a mathematical wonder kid. I'm the best in the world at math." One female reporter subsequently asked him what the square root of 361 was. Lebron answered her quickly, "19, bitch. Quit testing me, I'm a mathematical genius."
It seems as if Lebron is the best at everything he tries his hand at. Before last night's games against the Golden State Warriors Lebron took part in a debate about home mortgages in Cleveland, he won handily. The man genius also claims to be working on a cure for cancer. "Yeah, me and some dudes over at Entremed have some stuff made up. I think I'll distribute it for free, I have enough money as it is already."
James was seen shaking hands with former Beatle Paul McCartney after the game against Golden State. "We're working on an album. He says it's better than Sgt. Peppers."