Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Donald Sterling goes on murderous rampage, no-one says anything.

After Donald Sterling, owner of the L.A Clippers, appeared in court where he was told to fork out over 2 million dollars as a settlement for being a douche and a racist, he murdered 18 people and 5 children.
As Sterling calmly walked out of the courthouse, he opened fire on innocent bystanders using a pistol. Most people, or those who didn't get shot rather, just carried on like nothing had happened. They were, like everyone in the world, blind to every bad thing Mr.Sterling does. He then entered his limo and drove off.
No-one in the league has said anything about neither incident as of yet. When NBA commissioner David Stern was reached for comment he shrugged his shoulders and said, "meh, what are you gonna do?" Later that day he fined an NBA player 50.000 $ for not wearing appropriate clothing on the bench and suspended another player for 4 games based on the league's substance abuse policy, the player in question smoked some weed.
Sadly, most NBA players have been too busy either practicing, being full of themselves or not caring about the outside world for these news to reach them.
When Denver Nuggets power forward Kenyon Martin was asked whether he thought the league should suspend and possibly revoke Sterling's rights to own an NBA team he asked, "did he kill Chauncey (Billups, Nuggets point guard) cos' if not I don't give a shit." Martin is scheduled to read for small children at a local pre-school on November 27th as a part of the "NBA cares" program.
As we have found out, using a complicated algorithm with help from UCLA students, the NBA actually doesn't care. More on this in the coming days.