Thursday, November 12, 2009

West Speaks in Tongues

There was an odd occurrence at a recent interview with Delonte West, in a TV studio, following the Cleveland Cavaliers game with the Orlando Magic. It seemed as if the Cavs guard, who has had numerous off the court issues recently, spoke in tongues and riddles with the interviewer.
The six-foot-four shooting guard responded enigmatically to all questions. When asked why he missed the team's flight to Orlando he answered matter-of-factly: "behind the dogs you must find the silver dragon, brotha."
The interviewer was clearly puzzled but pressed on with the interview asking West whether he had given himself some sort of penance because of his recent misdemeanors off the court. West was not fazed but responded: "The square root of the unseen is obvious to those who have been cleared, yo."

At this point the interview seemed to break down completely as a man dressed as a pirate, complete with a peg leg, an eye patch and a long silver beard busted into the studio. The man introduced himself as long John Silver and quizzed the Cavs guard, "yarr, where be the treasure of the Sierra Madre?" Delonte West seemed slightly annoyed but still gave his response, "After two thousand steps and two thousand years you will find the core of the apple, mothafucka." The pirate exclaimed, "yarr, there she be matey's. Finally the gold be mine!" and charged back out of the studio, knocking one of the producers over.
At this point the interviewer looked around and mouthed, "what the fuck?" to his camera man.