Friday, November 27, 2009

Rookie point guard spends money wisely, player's association furious.

The NBA's most recent sensation, Brandon Jennings, has been lighting it up on the court. He recently became the youngest player to ever score 50 points in a game when he torched the Golden State Warriors for 55.
(Granted, it was the Golden State Warriors who are the biggest mess I've seen since some gum that got stuck underneath my show the other day.)
Jennings is not just extraordinary when it comes to scoring though, he's actually saving money. This is a term completely foreign to NBA players, for example Antoine Walker (who enjoyed an 11 year career in the NBA and signed a contract in 2001 that was worth 70 million$ for 6 years) was arrested in a Las Vegas for fraud (he bounced a cheque) and subsequently declared bankruptcy.
Jennings on the other hand lives close to the Milwaukee Bucks practice facility and drives a Ford Edge, merely a 27,000$ car. He claims that this is because of legitimate fears of a league lockout in a couple years.
The NBA's player association is furious over the rookie's living habits. In a statement from the player's association they said that, "Jennings is a threat to our lifestyle. Who does he think he is to save money, even when a potential lockout looms? The players in the NBA live one enormous paycheck to another enormous paycheck. We buy Range Rovers and we get all the accessories even if we don't need them. Spinners are the American way and Brandon Jennings is the antithesis of this. Seriously, a Ford Edge? Who does he think he is, Walter Cronkite?"
The last part of this statement, where Jennings is likened to television and journalist legend Walter Cronkite is, to say the least, odd and very confusing as there are hardly any similarities between the two.
When Jennings was reached for comment on the player's association's reaction he was surprised, "I think those guys should seriously consider putting a large sum of money into a savings account, and who's Walter Cronkite?"
I believe that's called a carry in basketball